29. syyskuuta 2012

More to come: Opening.

The project has made me think on how to develop some of the collaborative and discursive elements we had in the workshop in order to make a constant forum or a tool to address diverse topics on contemporary artistic practice as well as its connection and situation in society. I feel that progressing on the experience we had - and using the documentary as a material for presenting - and of perhaps raising discussion on what should and could be done better - in terms of realizing workshop, as well as presenting them to the audience making the audiovisual document. I feel that the simple tactic of letting people to talk to each other is the most interesting. Discussion is an organic way of enabling multiple viewpoints without the need of explaining and over analyzing the statements that are being made by a voice over or some other kind of mark of the"author". Reflection in a group situation is by its own nature filled with dynamics of different people and perspectives. The idea of a voice over seems forced when people's active attitude towards voicing out their thinking is present.
I think about voice over because I want to think about the future of this project and its possible manifestations - and what should be focused on. What is the added value on the fact that the workshop is being documented on video and visible to the audience - because I feel that even though I am not sure if this kind of video that we made is able to depict the situation in its core - it is still an attempt to portray "what happened" - meaning what were discussed and what approaches people took on to the question of artistic practice.
I feel that I don't want to introduce a ready and finished package with SwappingThePractices, even though this world seems to be filled with processes, it is still wide enough formulation that functions as the title for the way I want to deal with the issues of the what is been connected and emerged when people get together, what means practice and what is its relation on how art is, what are we making by discussing and what are we making by presenting, and all in all what kinds of approaches are needed in order to distill or to awaken reality.